Las Vegas Travel Guide 2024

Updated: February 13, 2024

Premium Trip Itinerary inspired by Island Hopper TV

In this Las Vegas travel tour we explore the main attractions of this popular tourist destination. We explore around the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street including may of the hotel casinos and attractions. There are many hotels in Las Vegas focused on casino gaming and overall ambiance and experience. We explore hotel casinos like the Wynn, Cosmopolitan, Aria and Bellagio to name a few. We then head over to some of the malls like Fashion Mall, Area 15 entertainment center, Adventure Dome at Circus Circus as well as the aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Las Vegas shows are popular at MGM, New York, New York and the Luxor. We show you the best things to do in Las Vegas in this travel guide.

Trip Highlights: 1. Fountains of Bellagio 2. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas 3. WAKUDA, Palazzo at The Venetian Resort 4. Juliet Cocktail Room, The Venetian 5. The LINQ Promenade 6. The Venetian Las Vegas 7. Paris Las Vegas 8. Bellagio and the Gardens 9. Caesars Palace 10. Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck 11. ARIA 12. Wynn Las Vegas 13. Fashion Show Mall 14. AREA15 15. Fremont Street Experience 16. The Mob Museum 17. Resorts World Las Vegas 18. The Adventuredome, Circus Circus 19. Mandalay Bay and the Aquarium 20. Topgolf, MGM Grand

Optional Ideas: There’s a lot to do outside of Las Vegas. There’s the Hoover Dam which has some tours you can do around the hydroelectric plant, there’s also the Valley of Fire.

Travel Tips: Stay hydrated in the desert heat, wear comfortable shoes for exploring the Strip, reserve show tickets in advance, budget extra for resort fees at hotels, and consider a sightseeing pass for discounts. Remember, what happens here might just stay here, but your memories are to be treasured forever.

Marvel at the Choreographed Aquatic Extravaganza in Vegas

We’re going to start here at the Bellagio Fountains and show you what it looks like around 6 p.m. in February on a brisk winter night. The temperature outside was around 48 degrees at the time we were filming this in February. It does get chilly in the winter in Las Vegas, and it gets very hot. Here at the Bellagio, you can watch this show for free.

The fountains typically go every hour from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m., but the schedule does change depending on the season. That was just the winter hours. Bellagio is essentially in the middle of the strip, so when you’re walking down the strip when you’re at the Bellagio – Caesar Palace area, you’ll know you’re right in the middle of it all. This is basically the heart and the pulse of the strip right here at the Bellagio.

2. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Experience Chic Luxury & Thrilling Casino Nights in Heart of Vegas

The Cosmopolitan is a very ritzy, luxurious hotel on the other side of Bellagio. This is mostly a place you go without the kids, you and your girlfriend, you and your wife, or your husband, whatever you’re going for. This is where you’re going to want to stay if you’ve got a little bit higher budget. I would say The Cosmopolitan is a nice hotel-casino.

3. WAKUDA, Palazzo at The Venetian Resort

Embark on a Culinary Journey with a Twist of Japanese Gastronomy

We’re going to head over towards the Venetian to WAKUDA a high-end Japanese restaurant located at The Venetian Resort. Here we are trying sushi, but in Las Vegas, there are so many different varieties of food. Las Vegas is rated in the top ten in the country of the United States for best places for foodies. On this trip, we got amberjack fish, Wagyu beef, salmon, and lobster roll. Now, the thing is with eating all of this gourmet food, it’s not something that I do in other places, it’s something that I would do in Las Vegas because this is something that really is a full gastronomical experience here in Las Vegas. So do prepare your bank account for that. Make sure you check the prices before you order each one of these, so you don’t get any sneaky surprises at the end.

4. Juliet Cocktail Room, The Venetian

Indulge in the Art of Cocktails at Vegas' Most Lavish Lounge Destination

During the creation of the YouTube video, we stopped at The Dorsey which was a glamorous bar inside of The Venetian. Sadly, it closed to make way for the Juliet Cocktail Room. This new bar is an intimate space with an Art Deco design and dark lighting, creating a sophisticated ambiance perfect for enjoying expertly crafted cocktails and live music.

Named after the famed Juliet Rose, the bar has received praise for its timeless atmosphere and innovative drink menu, featuring standout cocktails like the Oak and Orange, a spin on a Moscow mule. Patrons can immerse themselves in the evening atmosphere from 7 pm to 11 pm, enjoying cover songs while savoring their drinks. With its chic décor, attentive service, and prime location, Juliet Cocktail Room stands out as a premier destination for experiencing Las Vegas nightlife

Experience the Thrills of Vegas: High Roller Views and Zipline Adventures

Now, we’re going to head over to the High Roller, which is a big ferris wheel. It’s at The Linq. But on the way, we’re going to check out The Flamingo real quick because it is on the way from The Venetian. You can see the giant Ferris wheel right here, one of the biggest in the world. They also have a zipline called Fly Linq. Yeah, some adrenaline-filled activities right here at The Linq Hotel and Casino.

Gondola Rides & Grand Canals: A Unique Vegas Adventure Awaits You

Now we are going to The Venetian. Inside they have the Grand Canal shops and the gondola. People like to take a gondola ride, usually; it’s couples. It does cost around thirty dollars per person. The price does fluctuate, so you can verify online how much it’s going to cost for you and your significant other to do a gondola ride. Some people take their families, but I think it’s more of a romantic thing, not really intended for kids.

Experience the Charm of the French Capital Without Leaving the Vegas Strip

Paris Casino is one of my favorite places to go for Casino gaming but also you can go eat at the restaurant inside the Eiffel Tower if you want to do that. You would probably want to book that reservation before arriving to make sure you’ve got that secured. But this whole area of Paris is a really nice place. Again, one of my favorite casinos just for Casino gaming.

Seasonal Splendor Awaits: A Lush Journey Through Nature's Artistry in Vegas

Now we’re going to show you around The Bellagio Gardens. This is a conservatory and botanical gardens that changes themes depending on what’s going on in the world at that time.

While we were here, you can see they were doing a Chinese New Year kind of garden because it was February; that’s when the Chinese New Year happens. But they will change up the theme of this area depending on the season like I said. And I think 2023 is the year of the rabbit because there were a lot of different rabbit figurines around here. Do add this to your list. As I said, the exhibit does change.

Good news for you chocolate lovers. If you love chocolate, come to The Bellagio. They have the world’s largest chocolate fountain. Check it out. Man, these Las Vegas hotels, they really are like a palace, aren’t they? Especially this Bellagio; it’s truly amazing how you can experience what it’s like to live this luxurious lifestyle.

Where Rome Meets Legend: A Palatial Escape in the Heart of Vegas

We’re going to go over to Caesar’s Palace now. Again, we’re going to go deeper inside and show you some of the cooler things they have inside here. Before The Bellagio was cool, Caesar’s Palace was the top dog in town, and it still might even be better in some regards, especially if you check out this Trevi Fountain that we’re going to show you, which is a replica of what they have in Rome.

You don’t have to go all the way to Rome to go see the Trevi Fountain. You can just come right here to Las Vegas. Look at this. I mean, it’s real marble stone, a relic right here. Alright, maybe that was an exaggeration. This is not quite the Trevi Fountain of Rome because the Trevi Fountain in Rome is outdoors and it’s a lot more exquisite than this. But hey, for an indoor hotel casino fountain.

And inside here, they do have a Cheesecake Factory, a Nike store, and some other shopping that you can do. And the area is known as The Atlantis, right here in Caesar’s Palace.

10. Stratosphere Tower Observation Deck

Discover Breathtaking Panoramic Views from the City's Tallest Vantage Point

The Stratosphere is the second tallest tower of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, second only behind the CN Tower in Toronto.

Let’s check this place out. So, the general admission for the STRAT SkyPod observation deck here at the Stratosphere was $18. You can go online and see if you can get a better price for that, but I do believe that’s going to be the standard price if you want to go all the way up here to the top.

Now, once you get up here, you’re going to see that they have rides, they also have a restaurant, and we’re just going to show you around it. It’s really high up there, and it’s open-air, so it’s kind of crazy for those of you who are sensitive to heights. This might not be for you, to be honest. Just take that into consideration. Also, off in the distance, you can see the MSG Sphere Las Vegas being built at The Venetian. It’s a music and entertainment arena being built. It’s the largest of its kind with this kind of design. Make sure you check out how crazy the rides are.

Dive into Luxury: A Premier Resort Experience in the Heart of the Vegas Strip

We’re going to do some exploring around The Shops at Crystals. This area here also connects to the Aria Hotel. Aria and Cosmopolitan are brother and sister, or sister and sister, whatever you want to call it. Very high-end hotels. We already talked about The Cosmopolitan, but this area where The Shops at Crystals are is very interesting with the Aria. It’s a lot newer and more modern than The Bellagio, it’s also fewer crowds here at the Aria, especially in the shops.

Experience the Epitome of Opulence: A Vegas Resort That Redefines Luxury

So far, you’ve seen some of my favorite hotels. You’ve seen The Aria, you’ve seen The Cosmopolitan, you’ve seen The Bellagio, The Caesars Palace, The Venetian, and New York New York. Now we’re going to head over to what might just be the best one in all of Las Vegas. It is called The Wynn. They have The Wynn and Encore.

The Wynn is a five-star hotel, and for those of you who are wondering what is the difference between Encore and The Wynn, the general rule of thumb is the rooms at Encore are about a hundred square feet bigger than those at The Wynn. Also, The Encore building is three years newer.

This amazing little indoor garden that we’re walking through is in the actual Wynn area of The Wynn-Encore property. You’ll see, a very interesting place. It is like a ballroom floor down here with marble, and they’ve put a lot of detail into the intricacies of building this property.

If you go outside to the pool, you’ll see just how amazing this property is. The casino gaming area is also really glamorous and glitzy.

13. Fashion Show Mall

Where Fashion and Fun Meet: Experience Live Shows & Luxury Shopping in Vegas

This morning we’re actually at the Fashion Show Mall. They have the Fantasy Lab, it’s an immersive art exhibit for those who want to go in there. That’s one thing to do if you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas on this trip but for now, we’re just going to show you around the Fashion Show Mall. The Fashion Show Mall is literally just across the street from the Wynn Hotel.

14. AREA15

Experience the Extraordinary: A Fusion of Art, Technology, and Play in Vegas

Now we are at Area15 by Meow Wolf. Now that we’re inside we’re going to head to Area15 which is also in coordination with Meow Wolf, famously known for its exhibit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But along with the Meow Wolf, they have other exhibits here. You could probably spend a whole day here. A lot of it’s going to be virtual reality. It’s really popular for kids. It’s a small area but they have so much going on to stimulate your senses, it’s amazing. They also have the Illuminarium here but Meow Wolf is probably the big ticket in town.

15. Fremont Street Experience

Experience Dazzling Lights and Live Music in the Heart of Downtown Las Vegas

Now we are at the Fremont Street Experience which is a long walking area in downtown Las Vegas. Fremont Street gets going early in the afternoon so around two o’clock until about midnight Fremont Street is absolutely pumping basically seven days a week. You can see they have this big rooftop which comes in handy in case it’s snowing in Las Vegas like it did when we were here in February. But also, when it’s really hot in Las Vegas in June, July, and August that also comes in handy for there.

16. The Mob Museum

Step Back in Time: Explore the Fascinating World of Mobsters and Lawmen

Now we’re going inside the Mob Museum, one of the best museums in the country, and right here in Las Vegas. Earlier we talked about Bugsy Siegel, he was one of the founders of Las Vegas hotel resorts such as the Flamingo, but also other Mafia people were out here, Al Capone. You also had some other important names and if you wanted to know all about that history all you have to do is head over here to the Mob Museum and let your mind wander back in time.

The Mob Museum is officially called the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement. To me, I just found this to be so interesting, one of the best museums I’ve been to in all of the West Coast actually and it’s in a small little building.

Discover the Pinnacle of Leisure: A Fusion of Glamour, Cuisine, and Art

Here we are at Resorts World which is a Conrad Hilton hotel. The Resorts World Las Vegas is a luxury hospitality and gaming resort on the Las Vegas Strip that includes a Conrad Hilton hotel among its offerings. This hotel, under the Conrad brand known for high-end accommodations and services, provides a lavish experience with sophisticated rooms and suites, upscale dining, and access to the resort’s expansive amenities.

18. The Adventuredome, Circus Circus

A Whirlwind of Joy: Roller Coasters, Games, and More Await Under the Big Top

So here we are at the Adventuredome in Circus Circus. It’s actually free to enter here. The only thing is if you want to ride the rides you have to pay for a ride. Circus Circus is an old hotel but that Adventuredome is one reason that’s worth heading in that direction, especially if you have kids because you can get some pretty cool roller coasters out of that deal.

Dive into the Deep: A Unique Underwater Journey at Shark Reef Aquarium

At the very end of the strip towards the south is the Mandalay Bay. Right next to the Luxor. We’re going to show you around the Mandalay Bay Area and go to the aquarium there. We’re going to go inside the Shark Reef Aquarium here at Mandalay Bay. It features over 2,000 aquatic species, including sharks, exotic fish, and rescued sea turtles. It is $29 per adult and if you’re military or veteran it’s two dollars off each ticket.

20. Topgolf, MGM Grand

Tee Off in Style: A Unique Blend of Sports, Dining, and Fun in Vegas

After more sushi and drinks we’re going to go do some Topgolf. Over by the MGM is Topgolf, a premier entertainment with fun golf games for all skill levels, alongside a full-service bar and restaurant. We will go here and burn off some of those calories.

Optional Ideas

1. Hoover Dam

Experience the Majesty of Human Ingenuity at This Iconic Concrete Colossus

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a man-made marvel nestled between rugged cliffs and azure waters. This colossal structure isn’t just a testament to human ingenuity; it’s a gateway to exploring the rich history and breathtaking landscapes that define the American Southwest. Whether you’re marveling at its massive concrete arcs or delving into the stories of its creation, this landmark offers an unforgettable journey through time and nature.

2. Lake Mead

Discover the Oasis in the Desert: A Spectacular Water Adventure Awaits

In the heart of the desert lies a water wonderland, a testament to nature’s resilience and human ingenuity. Here, azure waves lap against rugged shores, offering a playground for the adventurous and a retreat for those seeking peace. Whether it’s the adrenaline rush of jet skiing or the calm of fishing at dawn, this destination promises unforgettable memories. As the day fades, watch the sunset paint the sky, reflecting hues of gold and purple over the tranquil waters.

3. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Step Into a World of Red Hues and Natural Wonders Just Outside Las Vegas

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Nevada’s natural wonders. Just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas lies an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, where towering red rock formations and meandering trails invite adventurers of all levels to explore. Whether you’re looking to scale the rugged terrain or simply enjoy a peaceful sunset, this destination offers an unforgettable escape into the heart of the desert’s splendor.

4. Valley of Fire State Park

Explore the Blazing Trails and Ancient Mysteries of Nevada's Natural Marvel

Just a short drive from the neon lights of Las Vegas lies an oasis of natural wonder, characterized by its stunning red sandstone outcrops that seem to glow with an inner fire. Here, adventurers can traverse scenic trails, spot diverse wildlife, and marvel at the ancient petroglyphs etched into the rocks. Whether you’re seeking solitude or the thrill of exploration, this state park offers an escape into a world where nature’s artistry is on full display.

More Trip Ideas