Amazing Destinations from some of the Best 2024 Travel Blogs

Updated: December 27, 2023

Stay Wanderlust-Ready with our Curated List of some of the Best 2024 Travel Blogs to Inspire You!

Geovea’s favorite Travel Bloggers include a range of content creators who share their travel experiences and advice online. From solo travelers like Amanda Williams of Dangerous Business and Kristin Addis of Be My Travel Muse, to duos and families like Kara and Nate and the Makepeace family of Y Travel Blog; their platforms span across websites, YouTube, and social media channels. They cater to a variety of audiences with their content, focusing on aspects such as women solo travelers, van life, adventure travel, budget travel, RV travel, and cultural immersion. This alphabetical list includes expert travelers who offer travel guides, tips, destination advice, inspirational stories, and motivational videos to their audience.

Here are some of Geovea’s favorite Travel Bloggers

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A Dangerous Business

Dangerous Business is an award-winning travel blog that helps people plan their dream trips. The blog is written by Amanda Williams, a solo female traveler from Ohio. Williams has visited over 50 countries and handles all aspects of the blog, including writing, photography, SEO, and social media promotion.

Adventure Archives

Adventure Archives is a YouTube channel focused on outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, and bushcraft. The team ventures through the backcountry and wilderness, occasionally foraging for wild edibles along their journey. They document their experiences and share them on their channel.

Adventures of A+K

Adventures of A+K is a travel blog by Adam and Kathryn Frazer. The couple and their dog Kona travel full-time in a self-converted Sprinter van. They drive around the US and Canada and sometimes take international trips. The Frazers create detailed travel guides and videos to help others plan their own adventures.

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is a travel blog written by Kate McCulley. McCulley started the blog after quitting her job at age 26 to travel the world. She’s visited 83 countries and counting. Her blog is aimed at women who want to travel solo. McCulley’s blog is focused on teaching women how to travel safely.

Alexander Ayling

Alexander Ayling is a travel YouTuber, filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. With nine years of experience, he has been using his camera to capture his global adventures. His YouTube channel is a space where he shares not only travel guides but also motivational and inspirational videos.


Allison Bickerstaff is a Florida-based content creator who primarily focuses on lifestyle content rather than travel. She has a significant following on YouTube with 374K subscribers and 635 videos at the time of the search. Allison began her journey in the content creation world during her college years and has managed to make it her career. Her content encompasses a variety of topics, including cozy home vlogs, cooking, baking, and fashion.

America's Parks

The YouTube channel “America’s Parks” documents visits to national parks through music videos and vlogs. The channel is hosted by Pastor Randy Smith, who has created a popular channel that celebrates family bonding, inexpensive adventures, and more.

Anton Somewhere

Anton Somewhere is a YouTube channel created by Anton Ptushkin, an award-winning Ukrainian vlogger, TV documentarian, and YouTube producer. Ptushkin has visited 68 countries and previously hosted a popular travel YouTube channel in Russian.

Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse is a travel blog by Kristin Addis, a solo female traveler from Southern California. The blog includes packing tips, adventures, and comprehensive guides. Addis has been traveling for over five years and has been to six out of seven continents.  She believes that solo travel builds independence, self-efficacy, self-esteem, and bravery.

Camp Travel Explore

Tom & Cindy inspires everyone to “get out there, and do more camping, traveling, and exploring”! Camp Travel Explore is a YouTube channel that covers camping, traveling, and exploring. The channel features videos about RV travel, kayaking, hiking, and small town exploring.

Destination Paradise

The Destination Paradise YouTube channel posts weekly videos of inspirational and scenic landscapes.

Expert Vagabond

Expert Vagabond is an adventure travel and photography blog created by Matthew Karsten. The blog features inspirational stories, photography, and budget travel tips from around the world. Karsten has been traveling the world for the past 10 years.

Goats on the Road

Nick & Dariece at Goats On The Road focuses on turning travel into a lifestyle by providing resources to prepare and save for travel, teaching ways to work remotely, and offering advice on how to travel indefinitely.

Going Awesome Places

The blogger behind “Going Awesome Places,” William Tang, is a digital content creator who focuses on travel blogging, covering a range of topics from language learning to food guides and sharing experiences from travel conferences.

Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd behind “Hand Luggage Only” provides a blend of travel, food, and home inspiration content, along with travel advice and a door-to-door travel planner.

Ian and Ana

The travel vloggers Ian and Ana focus on “Vanlife” and provide travel guides, as showcased in their YouTube channel that includes a recent guide about the best things to do in Southern Portugal.

Island Hopper TV

Island Hopper TV is a travel channel dedicated to providing relevant travel information and adventure from around the world. Our mission is to bring you closer to the people, cultures, and nature that make each destination unique. From real-life adventures exploring new places and cultures to informative travel shows that invite you to learn more about visiting a place; Island Hopper TV will help you discover hidden gems in far-off lands. Be a part of an amazing adventure as you cruise through the islands, explore new cultures, and see exotic wildlife. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive so we show you how to budget travel, finding cheap hotels for your vacation as you travel the world.

Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey is a solo female travel blogger who focuses on providing profitable travel blogging strategies and tips, as well as guiding conscious solo female travelers to unique experiences and local adventures primarily in New York City and beyond.

Jones Around the World

The travel blogger at Jones Around The World focuses on inspiring readers through articles that range from personal travel experiences and adventure planning to curated lists of quotes to motivate exploring and festival-going.

Kara and Nate

Kara and Nate, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, have been traveling the world full-time for over 4 years, documenting their adventures through daily YouTube videos that cover everything from airplanes and airports to lounges, as well as providing travel resources.


Matt Long at LandLopers provides travel reviews and tips aimed at a wide audience, ranging from novice to pro travelers, with a focus on traveling the world comfortably and affordably.

Let’s Be Merry

Meredith Lerner, also known as Merry, is the founder of Let’s Be Merry, a travel and lifestyle blog with the goal of encouraging people to be happy both at home and abroad, covering topics such as travel, wellness, and food.

Lost LeBlanc

Christian LeBlanc, the travel blogger behind Lost LeBlanc operates an official store offering travel guides, clothing, and consulting, runs the Lost Creator Academy aimed at teaching aspiring content creators the art of photography and monetization, and shares his journey as a full-time travel content creator on YouTube.

More Than Just Parks

More Than Just Parks is an organization that creates short films to encourage the exploration and conservation of national parks. The project was founded by award-winning filmmakers and brothers Jim and Will Pattiz. Their goal is to share the beauty of national parks and public lands to encourage greater protection. They create national park guides, award-winning films, and breathtaking photos.

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren Juliff, the person behind Never Ending Footsteps, is a travel blogger and author who has visited over 80 countries, offers advice on how to start and sustain a successful travel blog, and describes herself as a “walking disaster,” sharing her life experiences and mistakes made along her journey.

Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is a travel blogger who focuses on offering tips, advice, and planning guides to help people travel better, cheaper, and smarter, and he has also written a memoir detailing his ten years of backpacking around the world.

Oneika the Traveler

Oneika, the Emmy Award-winning journalist behind Oneika the Traveller, has traveled to 120 countries and focuses on sharing her in-depth travel experiences, tackling subjects like travel safety, affordability, and issues faced by black travelers, while also serving as an on-camera host for Travel Channel and NBC.

ON World Travel

Olivia & Nathan are an independent travel couple making vids to help Americans better navigate the world. We’re (they) obsessed with the constant challenge + reward of this “nomadic” lifestyle & we have a blast exploring new cities and sharing our experience on here! Our goal is to help Americans travel more + travel better but ultimately show people there is no one-size fits all way to live your life.

Ryan Shirley

Ryan Shirley is a content creator on YouTube with a channel dedicated to various topics, primarily focusing on travel and personal experiences. He offers travel advice and insights on popular travel destinations such as Utah and Iceland. Ryan’s videos combine informative content with visually appealing cinematography, providing viewers with both valuable information and inspiration for their next travel adventure.

Samuel and Audrey

Samuel and Audrey are Canadian travelers who produce YouTube videos featuring travel guides and food experiences across various destinations, including a focus on Canadian locations like Nova Scotia, and they are also involved in renovating a hotel.

Tampa Aerial Media

Randy Markham, the owner of Tampa Aerial Media, focuses on aerial media services, and vlogging and has traveled from Tampa to Minneapolis with his PR Rep Poodle Bella, and a drone.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad is an award-winning solo female travel blogger Kiki, a California native, who provides travel tips, packing guides, and photography from around the world, both on her blog and YouTube channel, covering diverse topics from North America to global destinations.

The Country Collectors

The Country Collectors is a YouTube channel that focuses on sharing “small slices” of the creators’ hearts and their adventures around the world, with the aim of inspiring their audience.

The Mandagies

The Mandagies is a Pacific Northwest inspired travel and adventure blog run by a husband and wife team Bert and Emily Mandagie, specializing in outdoor hikes, camping, road trips, and destination guides, with the aim of showcasing beautiful locations around the world and offering practical travel advice.

The Planet D

The Planet D, run by Dave and Deb, is a travel YouTube channel that produces videos covering 115 countries and all 7 continents, focusing on showcasing their favorite destinations, travel guides, travel tips, and drone footage.

Through My Lens

One of our favorites, Through My Lens, created by Josh, is a travel blog and YouTube channel that focuses on producing high-quality and informative videos covering various aspects of travel such as hikes, restaurants, drives, waterfalls, and national parks, primarily dedicated to exploring much in the United States. Many trips feature his fun dad Pops.

Tim and Fin

Tim and Fin are travel bloggers who transitioned from office work to world travel, documenting their adventures such as seeing a Komodo Dragon in Indonesia and diving with Manta Rays in Hawaii on their YouTube channel, while also offering travel itineraries and tips on their website.


Jeremy Scott Foster, the creator of TravelFreak, focuses on adventure travel and aims to inspire personal transformation and world discovery by offering free gear guides, travel tips, and personal recommendations to a community of travelers.

Traveling Robert

Traveling Robert, comprised of Robert and sometime Ileana, is a Cuban-born, Floridian travel blogging team that specializes in RV travel, creating inspiring, informative, and entertaining videos that focus on both the journey and the destinations, while also sampling local culture.

Two Monkeys Travel

Two Monkeys Travel is a travel blog by Kach that provides travel experiences, tips on starting and monetizing a travel blog, and aims to serve as a resource made by travelers for travelers.


The Vagabrothers are Alex and Marko, two brothers who travel the world and share their experiences on YouTube. Their travel show has over 400 videos and more than 1.2 million subscribers. The brothers also have a large following on Instagram and Facebook.

We're in the Rockies

We’re in the Rockies is a travel blog that helps people plan trips to the Rockies. The blog is run by Cheryl and Matt, who teach special education and American history, respectively. They love the American West and national parks. Their goal is to help people have a great vacation. 

Wind Walk Travel Videos

Wind Walk Travel Videos is a YouTube channel with 465 videos and 222K subscribers. The channel features virtual walking tours and travel guides. One of their videos is a walking tour of Fremont Street in Las Vegas. You can also find Wind Walk Travel Videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon.

Wolters World

The channel was created in 2009 by Mark Wolters, an early social media influencer. Wolters has uploaded over 2,300 travel videos and has just over 1 million subscribers. Wolters World offers honest advice on travel, culture, and cooking. They discuss the best and worst parts of traveling to help travelers prepare for their vacations. The channel also shares tips and advice from a family of four who have traveled the world for decades.

World Nomac

World Nomac is a travel content creator and filmmaker from the United States. His goal is to change how people perceive the world and cultures through cultural immersion. World Nomac’s real name is Mac Candee.

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is an online travel publication for millennial travelers. It’s the world’s most subscribed travel blog, with 6 million visitors annually. The blog is run by Brooke Saward, who travels the world and shares her tips and destination guides. 

Y Travel Blog

Y Travel Blog is a family travel blog that shares tips, planning, and destination advice. The blog has been around since 2010 and covers topics such as road trips, the USA, and Australia. The Makepeace family, who have been traveling for over 23 years, run the blog. Caz (Caroline for long) and Craig Makepeace, a married couple from the Central Coast of Australia who now live in North Carolina

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