Geovea Introduces Revolutionary Travel Chat AI Powered by OpenAI

Updated: October 2, 2023



Geovea is thrilled to announce the advanced integration of OpenAI into their pioneering Travel Planning Platform. Building upon their commitment to maximizing user travel experiences and simplifying travel planning, Geovea’s platform takes a massive leap towards reshaping the digital landscape of travel organization.

A cloud-based SaaS solution, Geovea has always been focused on streamlining travel discovery, planning, and bookings for leisure and business travelers alike. The platform primarily concentrates on curating unconventional experiences throughout North America and effectively organizes all travel-related information making it easily accessible and searchable, regardless of the user’s location.

Geovea stands out for its intricate yet user-friendly map and route planning tools. Enabling users to design simple to multifaceted multi-destination travels, the platform incorporates industry-leading itinerary creation and calendar scheduling features for a comprehensively simplified experience.

With OpenAI’s wider availability since early 2023, Geovea strategized its implementation to enhance user experience, personalization, and accuracy within its platform. Achieving this milestone brings a plethora of benefits to the users:

  • Rapid and superior trip discovery and organization.
  • Customizable search options at the city, state, or country level.
  • Personalized and time-efficient travel options.
  • Unearth hidden and off-the-beaten-path experiences.

Geovea’s innovative platform also carries significant advantages for various market segments:

Through its mapping, itinerary, scheduling, and AI-powered Travel Chat, Geovea revolutionizes travel planning. The platform empowers Users, Advisors, and Influencers to take full control of their journey from inception to conclusion, exploring new destinations at breakneck speed, and making the world of customized travel easily accessible and enjoyable. Since 1/1/2022, more than 55,000 Trips have been created by Users on Geovea.

Kirk Harstead – Founder & Owner